HackMD notes and GitHub Sync

A HackMD note can be connected to a GitHub file, making it possible to do realtime collaborative editing on a markdown or text page that's centralized at GitHub. Yay!

Access the "Versions and GitHub Sync" dialog from the three-dot menu in the upper right toolbar area.

Some tips and tricks:

  • Use a named version to sync with GitHub. The version name will act as the commit message.
  • After naming the most recent version, make sure to select that version, and only that version, when you Push.
  • If the "Save as version" button is light-colored and disabled, it means that there is already a saved version -- perhaps auto-saved -- that is even with the current state of the document. To give an auto-saved version a name, open the disclosure arrow for "Current note content" and click the top-most date. Inspect the diff area, and confirm that there are no changes between that version and the current note content. Now the "Name this version" button should be active; click "Name this version" to give it a name.

2023-09-01 (WLA): TODO: this page seems too complicated to be useful right now. Perhaps create a storage folder?

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