1. Clone a Massive Wiki to Your Computer

Massive Wiki Starter Guidebook version 0.1.1

Install Software

Download and install GitHub Desktop. Prerequisite: establish a Github account.

Download and install Obsidian.

About GitHub and Repos

Each Massive wiki is stored in a repository, or "repo" for short.

GitHub is a central website for storing and sharing repos.

Using this guidebook, you will make a "clone" (copy) of a repo from GitHub. The cloned repo is stored on your computer in one of your folders.

Find and Clone The Wiki's Repo

In this guidebook, we use a wiki called "Massive Sandbox". Click the link below to go to its GitHub repo:


Find the green button that says "Code" and click it.

In the drop-down menu that opens, click "Open with GitHub Desktop".

When GitHub Desktop opens, it will have a small window that says "Clone Repository...".

Under "Local Path", click the "Choose..." button and choose a place on your computer to make the repo. A good place is in a folder called "GitHub" in your Documents folder.

  • My Documents or Documents
    • GitHub
      • massive-sandbox

When you've chosen the location, click the "Clone" button.

You are done with GitHub Desktop for now. You may close the application.

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