Massive Wiki Quick Setup Card

This note summarizes the steps to follow when setting up a new Massive Wiki using Obsidian.

  1. Clone the Massive-Wiki GitHub repository using GitHub Desktop.

  2. Open the local Massive-Wiki repository directory as a new vault in Obsidian.

  3. In Obsidian install the 'Obsidian Git' community plugin and

  4. Enable the 'Obsidian Git' plugin and

  5. Set 'Obsidian Git' HotKeys for "Commit and Push all changes with message" to 'cmd | crtl U'; and "Pull from remote repository" to 'cmd | crtl L' .

Obsidian is now configured to synchronize your local changes with the GitHub repository.

Note: Keep 'Obsidian Git' up-to-date (it is being updated frequently): check 'Settings -> Community Plugins'.

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