Some primary Git and Github notions

2023-09-01: Bill Anderson's(WLA) thoughts on the primary terms and aspects of having a working model of using Git and Github for collaborative writing. (note: these ideas are similar to those PK outlined in the minutes of Markdown and Git for Collaborative Writing, 2023-08-17)

  • Git: the software that keeps track of changes to text files in a collection called a repository.

  • Github: a centralized (cloud-based) system that stores repositories. These repositories can be shared by many people. Git and a system like Github allows documents to be shared and the changes made to them to be tracked and managed.

  • Using Git requires that git software be installed on your local computer.

  • Using Github requires you to have an account and to establish credentials that authorize and authenticate using the remote repository.

2023-09-03(WLA): Git collaboration models: outline the conceptual models and work practices that support collaboration:

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