Windows New User Git and Github - Obsidian setup

by Bill Anderson, 2021-06-20. last updated 2021-09-22. 2023-09-01 (WLA): TODO: this needs to be tested again.

Software installs have been done (in this order):

  1. Git-for-windows:
  2. Git-Credential-Manager-Core:
  3. GitHub Desktop:
    • Login and clone a repository to use as an Obsidian vault
  4. Obsidian:
    • setup Obsidian:Git

Now we test the setup by attempting to commit and push this file to the GitHub repository.


  • Initiating Push in Obsidian brings up a GitHub dialog box requesting login to GitHub via browser (or entry of an access key).
  • GitHub opens to dialog box requesting authorization; click the green button.
  • Authentication succeeds and Obsidian completes the Push operation.

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