Governance Writing Group - Overview

First meeting forked from Prose Fusion, 2023-10-16, with Bill A, Jordan, Pete.

An Opening offering from J:

Greetings Messrs Anderson and Kaminski.

So what is Governance anyway?

The word “Govern” derives from the Latin meaning “To Steer”. It begs the question:

How do we Individually And Collectively navigate our Vessel(s) towards The Goal?

Having fixed our Aim, how do we get from Where We Are to Where We Are Going?

Governance is a Core Function of The Body of Society. It is one of the primary Organ Systems of The Body that must be stacked up, aligned, and co-operated in order for a Union to move away from pain, suffering, and dysfunction, towards its Destiny.

It is one System, composed of Sub-Systems, and nested inside the Super-System of a Social Organism.

(2023-10-19 WLA) some relevant resources and references:
govern-Definitions: definitions of the words "govern", "government", "governance". Posted as a potential reference for the aspects of governance that are discussed here.
Newton_1973_workgroupInOrg1Pager: key psychosocial notions about workgroups in organizations. Posted as a reference for discussions of personal and interpersonal aspects of group and community work.