Markdown and Git for Collaborative Writing, 2023-08-24

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What do we want to get out of this? Who is "we"?

  • Expand from single-player writing to multi-player writing
    • To express ideas better for a wider audience
    • To add / mix in more ideas from more people
  • Work on a specific project
    • White paper
    • Presentation, at least the skeleton / outline for a presentation, even if not the final production copy
    • perhaps, an academic paper
  • Learn Git to be able to join into software dev projects
  • Understand better how dev / tech people work
    • Cross silos
  • Understand the social / market dynamics of GitHub better
  • Will help with learning to code, how to prompt AI, how to learn how to code with ChatGPT
  • Tech-savvy but not a coder, may need Git+Markdown for projects
  • cowriting — can this be better than Google Docs?
  • "Getting The Prices Right" — curated, ~15-essay book, multi-author anthology, with cross comments
  • "Structural Defects of Capital-ism" — "book" I'm writing…and wonder about doing it "in the open" with a small or large group of collaborators
  • I'm already a software dev, but I'm getting into technical writing, and want to do it multi-player
  • Interested in joining a project that's just getting going
  • I have experience in tech writing about Defi
  • I want to learn how project management works with collaborative writing

What if it's not a "Book"?


  • Decide who will keep meeting, how, and why.
  • Decide on first collaborative project.
  • Note any unanswered questions to answer on this page.
  • (stretch) Interactive Demo/Practice Session, see section below


  • Async collaboration / notification channel
  • Coming up with a project to work on together for the next week
  • Interactive demo/practice session
  • Writing Long Form Content With Obsidian
  • Pete: can co-write tightly in HackMD, then move to Obsidian

Async collaboration / notification channel

Is the Path Shift People community a good async collaboration / notification channel? Do we want to try something else in addition or in replacement?

  • Path Shift People community (what we have currently)
  • Mailing list
  • CSC Mattermost (similar to Slack)
  • other?

Working answer: To keep things interactive, going to use Collective Sense Commons mattermost.

Coming up with a project to work on together


Interactive Demo/Practice Session

Possible activities

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