Prose Fusion, 2023-09-07


Collaborative production of text-based content.

Collaborative inquiry, e.g., I Ching, Talmud

Some day, we might add more focus on publishing and other things to do with "output" content (e.g., grant writing and submission, etc.)

Prose Fusion GitHub Organization

  • To get added to the organization, people send their GitHub handle to one of the members, and we'll get them added to the org as members.
    • (Document another thing: I need a GitHub account)
    • The person who adds you to the org will tell you to go to the org home page to check on your invite:
  • Github practice observation: Charles did not receive Github invite? perhaps we need to understand, or test with others?


  • why can't I find a Prose Fusion repo I'm thinking?
    • how do I use GitHub, and all its various screens (profile, my teams, orgs, etc., etc.?
  • talk about Microsoft and GitHub
    • open source enclosure
    • AI training from our private content (e.g. OpenAI)
    • Git forge options: Codeberg, sourcehut, GitLab, self-hosted Gitea or Gitolite, peer-to-peer Git

Related Projects

This needs a map or a graphical diagram to explain interrelationships.

  • Massive Wiki
  • NeoBooks
  • Lionsberg Wikibooks Publishing
  • Biweekly Plex Dispatch?

Other Tools

  • Ghost


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