Prose Fusion, 2023-09-11

Time and Zoom

Monday, 2023-09-11, 18:00 UTC for 90 minutes

see in your timezone:


Main goals for this meeting and maybe 1 or 2 more meetings:

  • [ ] Getting everyone to have accounts on GitHub
  • [ ] Getting everyone to start using the command line on their computer
  • [ ] Getting everyone to have Git and GitHub CLI installed
  • [ ] Getting everyone to clone (sync) a public repository onto their machine
  • [ ] Committing to working on some specific shared writing for a while

Stretch goals:

  • create repo(s) and use it/them
  • change repo settings
  • connect a repo to Massive Wiki Publisher

Creating a new repo

Q & A

Q: Are we using the command line in the hope of enabling more technical knowledge and richer collaboration via Git?

Q: working in public; accepting changes

PK: current learning is typically by apprenticeship (Git and GitHub)

Things We Might Work On

Scenarios for an optimistic 10-year future

Instructions for Installing Git and GitHub CLI

Pete is working on written instructions for installing Git and GitHub CLI on your computer. He will also create a screencast demo, which will be distributed as an on-demand video lesson through the Path Shift People website. On the PSP site, it will be offered as a paid course (perhaps US$7.95), but Prose Fusion members will be able to get it at no charge.


We have older instructions, but we may want to try something newer.

Right now, I (Pete) am thinking:


Text of the first lesson is available on the Prose Fusion site:

I (Pete) have tested it a number of times on new Mac virtual machines, but it hasn't been tried on anybody else's Mac. Use a little caution.

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