Prose Fusion, 2023-10-02

Times and Zoom

Zoom link to join Prose Fusion meetings:


Monday, 2023-10-02, 14:00 UTC (7am PT, 10am ET) for 60 minutes

  • see in your timezone:

Monday, 2023-10-02, 19:00 UTC (noon PT, 3pm ET) for 60 minutes

  • see in your timezone:

Let's try Mondays. I'm going to do two meetings to start, to cover more timezones. Meetings will generally repeat each Monday at the same times (modulo the upcoming seasonal time change).

Don't feel like you have to attend both, just pick the best time for you.

It's also okay to join whenever during the meeting, don't worry if you can't be there when the meeting starts.

Note: The seasonal time change is coming up in a few weeks, and will cause schedule changes depending on your country and timezone. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience!


Current main goals:

  • [ ] Signing up for the announce-only email list (details to come)
  • [ ] Have an account on GitHub (Why GitHub?)
  • [ ] Starting to use the command line on your computer
  • [ ] Getting Git and GitHub CLI installed
  • [ ] Cloning (syncing) a public repository onto your computer
  • [ ] Committing to work on a specific Prose Fusion shared writing project

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